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Graham Rawle

This week I am featuring photographers that approach their imagery in a unique way.

Graham Rawle is a writer and collage artist who ulitizes photography as part of his visual expression. He has published numerous books and has had a regular series published in British magazines and newspapers. His work is intensly creative, filled with humor, fun, and the bits and pieces of then and now. One of the interesting sections of his site is examining how he creates many of his works. Two images follow at the end that show his commitment to the image.

The Wizard of Oz was a favorite story of Rawle’s, based on his many viewings of the movie, but after reading the book, found “L. Frank Baum’s Oz richly poplated with bizarre and wonderful characters not featured in the film.”. Creating this series has allowed him to feature unfamiliar characters and scenes and reinterpret the story in his very unique vision.

Images from the Making of Oz

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