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Katrina M. D’Autremont

looking at participants from Review Santa Fe

Katrina D’Autremont straddles several worlds. Born to an American father and Argentine mother, Katrina spends time in both cultures. “American eyes saw Argentina; Argentine eyes saw America”. Her work explores identity, family, relationships, the past and present.

Two bodies of work are featured below. The first, When I Turn Off the Lights, allows Katrina to interact with family photographs, using images from her own childhood, and her mother’s childhood, to document two moments that co-exist where the past and present become a new reality.

Images from When I Turn Off the Lights

“Si Dios Quiere… (If God Wants) This body of work, “Si dios quiere…”, explores issues of intimacy and distance within my mother’s family in Argentina. The house where she grew up and the people who are part of that life serve as characters. The environment becomes a set for the photographic staging of the images. It reveals how a place can influence and form us. The word “Family” connects us, but the extent of our connection depends on several factors. Families can be separated by physical distance, but often it is more complicated and the relationships themselves form walls and separations. “Si Dios Quiere…”,which means “If God Wants,” attests to the fact that relationships are inherently difficult. Closer proximity to the people we love can be just as complex as distance. Within the family structure, specific roles are developed over time. We idealize these roles and the people who fill them, as well as the places that hold us.”

Images from Si Dios Quiere

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