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Down and Out: New Directions at Wallspace, Flash Flood Magazine, Week of Life,The Scavenger Project, and 100 Eyes Magazine

Lots going on in the photo world….

New Directions

Wall Space Gallery in Seattle, is having their annual competition, New Directions. This year’s theme is Down and Out and the juror is Carol McCusker, of the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, California. Her focus is the idea of Down + Out, a matter of dizzying visual and emotional perspective. The concept of down + out looks at a shifting horizon line, vertical or horizontal, literal or emotional. More information can be found here.

Flash Flood

Flash Flood, an online photography and culture magazine founded by David Ondrik, Melanie McWhorter, Jennifer Schlesinger, Jesse Chehak, and Jonathan Blaustein is focused on promoting contemporary photography in and about New Mexico, and will also highlight artists who’ve made work here in the past.

Issue One includes an interview with Andra Russek, a curated look at photographs of New Mexico by Jesse Chehak, a review of Craig Varjabedian’s photography by David Ondrik, and an interview and portfolio by Scott B. Davis.

Image by Scott B. Davis, New Mexico Influences

Week of Life

The idea behind this Czech-American project is for photographers around the world to photograph their lives for one week, taking nine photographs per day.

Every participant who contributes with his or her week thereby becomes an original piece in a never ending mosaic of human originality and uniqueness and a co-author of the whole documentary project, a gigantic photographic library of humankind in the 21st century.

The goal of the project is to learn about the lives of people living on our planet – people of different nationalities, professions, age, regardless of whether they consider their lives interesting or boring. The founding pillar of the project is a philosophy that every life is original and interesting, especially for someone, who lives in an entirely part of the globe. To contribute to the project, all that’s needed is a camera or a mobile phone with a camera and an interest in looking at one week of one’s life through the viewfinder of a camera.

For more information, go here.

The Scavenger Project

The Art House Co-op is continually coming up with interesting projects. From the founders of A Million Little Pictures, comes their newest effect to connect the photo community. The Scavenger Project is going to be an exhibition and a book. Check it out!

100 Eyes Magazine

100 Eyes Magazine has a new issue, Beware the Cost of War, features 14 Israeli and Palestinian photojournalits whose backyards are often the front lines.

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