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Margot Quan Knight

Looking at photographers included in The Prime Years, an exhibition at the Houston Center for Photography, curated by Fernando Castor R. This exhibit depicts centenarians, artists, relatives, and other individuals enjoying, enduring, and living their lives beyond the age of 60.

Margot Knights’s remarkable video of her mother’s life is included in The Prime Years. This college of photographs takes us through 60 years of her mother’s life.

Margot received her MFA from the Avery School of the Arts at Bard College, after working as a photographer at Fabrica, the communication arts research center of Benetton in Italy. Her work has been exhibited in personal shows in London, Milan, Paris, and published in over 30 international magazines. Margot currently lives and works in Seattle.

The first time I was exposed to Margot’s work was with her 2003 series, Taking Care:
These images of dismembered bodies, inspired by the paintings of French surrealist Fernand Leger, were made over a period of 10 months in 2003 using sculpted plaster body parts. The images served as a reflection of my thoughts during that time. I considered whether caring for someone can be enough, or not, the calm feeling after falling apart, and the importance of loving and protecting one’s self. For more surrealistic imagery, be sure to look at her Fabrica series.

Margot’s new series, Underphotos, explores the familial reflections.
Underphotos is a series of photographs of the framed photographs that hang in my parents’ house. By photographing them at an angle, I capture reflections on the glass surface of the picture frame. Rather than offering a window to a different time or distant place, the picture frame becomes a mirror, a companion to the here and now. These works are framed under acrylic so the surface can again reflect the room in which the work hangs.

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