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Jeremy Edwards

I’m 29, I have a beard, I play guitar and make music, I wear skinny jeans, I live in Chicago, I take public transportation, I’m a really cool Dad, I love cherry sour candy and caramel, I like beer and cigars, I have a Masters degree, I speak Japanese sometimes, I can throw a baseball really hard, I like most things design, I speak Chinese sometimes, I can’t cook, I can’t say the ABCs backwards, I can’t touch my toes, but I can beat-box, water plants, eat sunflower seeds like a pro, and take pictures.

Chicago photographer, Jeremy Edwards, has been exploring all types of photography since he was 16, and it wasn’t until he moved abroad that he began to see his images as art. I purchased my first iPhone in late 2008 and was immediately struck with the experience of capturing images with raw spontaneity. Just like most hipsters with cameras, I also have a deep artistic appreciation of the ordinary and mundane. I feel that our obsession with production, progress, and aesthetics has trained our eyes to ignore the beauty in the ordinary. This is why I created the FROM THE POCKET project.

IN THE POCKET: Book One is due to be released this Spring, but in the meantime, you can read Jeremy’s 7 Tips to Better iPhoneography here.

The intention of the project was to highlight the beauty of the ordinary. And if there isn’t any beauty there, hopefully the picture will fool you into believing there is. The motivation of the project is to remain true to the authenticity of spontaneous subjects and minimize unnecessary processing that I’m convinced washes out the organic beauty of simple subjects. I just used the word organic. For the most part, as it stands today, the growing medium of iphoneography has yet to mature into a substantial art form that is respected by the entire art community. I hope my project will serve as a valuable contribution to the growth of iphoneography with artistic integrity.

From the Pocket images

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