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Blake Andrews

When thinking about Father’s Day and photography, I decided it was a good idea to check in on Blake Andrews. I have always loved his work and his way of working. He captures the humourous absurdity of family life and is able to find those same moments in the world around him. HIs website and blog are rich with work, writings, and ideas, and well worth some exploration.

I generally enjoy images that are absurd in the way zen koans are absurd or that are impenetrable on a certain level. But all that is after the fact. As for making the actual photos, I have no recipe which guarantees good ones beyond a simple faith in serendipity. To quote Doisneau, “If I knew how to take a good photo, I’d do it every time.”

Blake lives in Eugene, Orgeon with his wife and three sons and these are his guiding principles:

1. Camera in hand always unless asleep in bed

2. Film is cheap

3. Reality is stronger than imagination

4. Form subjugates essence, yet requires it

5. Bystanders will quickly forget you, but a good photo lasts forever

6. Light should illuminate the subject matter but not be the subject matter.

6a. Don’t fight light. You will always lose

7. Use right brain when shooting, left brain when looking over contact sheets. Paraphrased, this becomes…

8. Shoot first, ask questions later

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