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Kati Mennett

I had the pleasure of meeting Kati Mennett in Boston recently and she has two new series to share, We Drive and The Portrayers. She recently graduated from the Art Institute of Boston with a BFA in photography. Kati is not only a photographer, but a writer and artist, and is at the beginning of what will undoubtedly me a long career in the arts. Much of Kati’s work feels cinematic, is based in fantasy and drama, and will possibily to evolve into film making. Her love of story telling and constructed images sets the stage for much of her work.

From Kati: In her projects So Close I Can Feel It and, most recently, We Drive, Kati seeks to document the temporary moments in life that are once simple yet fleeting. These photographs stand as small representations of defining moments in her life. It’s no surprise Kati’s love of storytelling has produced her newest continuing series The Portrayers. The Portrayers is about creating a world of fantasy inspired by actual people and events. It explores the ability to control one’s perception of the world and the way you live in it.

Images from We Drive

Images from The Portrayers

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