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Rizwan Mirza

I met London photographer, Rizwan Mirza, several months ago. He had attended FotoFest and was making his way west, connecting with photographers and galleries and squeezing the most of his trip to the states. Rizwan was born in Liverpool, studied photography at Derby University, and in 2005, he completed a MA in Documentary Film at Goldsmiths College, London. He has a host of awards and exhibitions that reflect a sophisticated and intelligent approach to his image making.

Rizwan’s project, A Distant Horizon , is a color saturated, stripped-down series of ocean images. When combined, the result is a stunning palate of hues and horizons.

We inhabit a world of shifting boundaries but some still remain as firm as ever, designed to hold us in or to keep others out, if not physically then at least in our perception. The sharp-edge of the sea horizon has always been a tempting proposition, inviting the viewer to imagine what they might find there – playing to hopes and fears as they approach the unknown.

01 Untitled (0002-09)

A Distant Horizon is an observation into a familiar horizon line, which has always been reassuringly visible and present, asking the viewer the question what happens if it were to disappear.

02 Untitled (0003-10)

03 Untitled (7892-07)

04 Untitled (5726-04)

05 Untitled (9414-07)

06 Untitled (7893-52)

07 Untitled (7893-03)

08 Untitled (7890-17)

09 Untitled (0001-11)

10 Untitled (5730-07)

11 Untitled (7892-01)

12 Untitled (5724-12)

13 Untitled (7889-52)

14 Untitled (5728-05)

15 Untitled (5728-04)

16 Untitled (5730-11)

17 Untitled (5721-03)

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