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Crista Dix and Wallspace Gallery

In 2004, I came across the website for Wallspace Gallery in Seattle. It showcased photographers that piqued my interest, but what really drew me to the gallery, was the gallerist’s philosophy: wall space promotes artists with unique and creative visions in photography, using both traditional and alternative techniques. Showcasing artists who transcend the medium, looking to expand the photographic arts, the gallery highlights creativity in storytelling. There was an openess to work outside traditional paths, and I found that intriguing.

I have been represented by Wallspace Gallery for a number of years and wanted to celebrate and congratulate owner and director, Crista Dix, for an amazing year.  Wallspace Gallery has a new home in Santa Barbara, California, though Crista will retain a presence in the Seattle area working as a private dealer and will continue to have exhibitions and present emerging and established photographic talent to the northwest community.

I was able to visit Crista recently and had a chance to see the new gallery.  It’s set in a wonderful craftsman house, just a block off the main street and a stone’s throw from the Santa Barbara Art Museum.  There are 4 rooms of gallery space, all open and airy with tall ceilings. Crista’s signature pale green/grey walls set off photographs beautifully.  It is, indeed, a magical space and I am so happy and excited for Crista and Wallspace.

The first official opening is this Thursday, October 7th, from 6-8 with an exhibition featuring Charles Grogg’s new work. I will be featuring Charles’ work tomorrow, and other Wallspace photographers later this week…it’s an unofficial Wallspace week!




































































The amazing quality about Crista is that she is completely engaged with the fine art community on a national level, attending numerous portfolio reviews each year, jurying a variety of competitions, including the Center for Fine Art Photography’s Low Tech exhibition that opened this weekend (and Crista was there to celebrate the exhibitors). She offers opportunites through competitions, the latest is the New Directions call for entry, featuring David Bram of Fraction magazine as guest juror. She also has structured the gallery so that she is able to provide exposure to a wide range of emerging photographers with her Studio and Collectables programs.  She writes a fantastic blog about work she has discovered, the flat file , offering yet another opportunity for exposure. As a gallery artist, I have felt incredibly supported and encouraged and I am so appreciative of that.

Crista brings to the gallery a background of diverse careers as a scientist, artist and businesswoman. This allows her to be interested in so many arenas. She has worked in the Pacific Northwest photographic community for the last 10 years as a photographer, teacher and advisor, working with artists to refine their creative vision. “It is my passion for my artists that keep me moving forward, working everyday to make sure your vision as an artist is realized. I started wall space with one concept in mind, that it is a place for artists to showcase their creativity and stories.”

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