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Sara Jane Boyers

Sara Jane Boyers has had a decade long focus on a singular subject and now has an opportunity to share her unique vision at the Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. The exhibition, Finding Chinatown, opens on July 30th and runs through September 3rd, with an opening reception on July 30, from 4-6pm.

I first wrote about Sara’s work on Lenscratch last year. Sara explains her thoughts on this wonderful achievement:

“As I approach the eve of this, my very first solo show on my decade-long project on the Chinatowns of the United States and Canada, I am realizing how this intense project has altered so much of my being and yet, has also fit so perfectly within my life’s trajectory. I have been a photographer with a passion for the arts since my teens but my working life was directed elsewhere for decades. The Chinatowns project has focused me professionally and personally, challenging me to tell a story that I felt needed to be told and to find within that story my own method of expression.

Within the Chinatowns of the US & Canada, with their almost two century tale of contribution to the ever-changing fabric of our North American countries, I found the visual inspiration to document our history in the way I do best: focusing on the detail of the everyday in a manner that raises questions about those who pass through. Acknowledging that this history is not my specific story, at the same time my work in the Chinatowns has bolstered a social perspective learned early on from my family and my life growing up in Los Angeles: that we should learn about and embrace all of America as our culture and especially for me, Los Angeles in its incredible diversity as my neighborhood. Fifty plus Chinatowns later, this initial consciousness remains.”

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