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Tomasz Kazaniecki

Polish photographer, Tomasz Kazaniecki, currently lives in Poznań, Poland and continues to use analog and Polaroid films to create his projects. “I have chosen those technique because of imperfections it offers.”

The main subject of my works are transience and lability of things, places, people and memories. I’m interested in how memories affect the present. Memory of things, places and people is imperfect, flows, fades away So, looking at the pictures especially of something that no longer exist you will never know what you recall. This state is greatly represented by film and polaroid development. You will never know what you finally get on the picture.

“The current project called Yiddish I started 5 years ago as a study of what I call “memory flow”. It records the rebirth of the Jewish movement in Poland these days after it was completely erased during II War. The number of Jewish visitors is estimated at over 13 thousands per year, most of them come to the Tzaddiks graves on the anniversary of their death in Lezajsk and Lelow. Many of old Chasids still speak polish. Many of them also try to wipe away their bad memories from the past. The past meets the present and the present meets the past there.”

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