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David Kimelman

I first shared David Kimelman’s fascinating project, Reality Wanted, on LENSCRATCH last year. The project looks at the broad spectrum of wannabe reality stars and explores the social phenomenon of life on camera. David, a graduate of Pratt Institute, is a Brooklyn based photographer with a number of recent exhibitions, including one at The International Center of Photography in New York City last year. He is also a regular contributor at East Village Boys, Dirty Magazine, and Latina Magazine.

Images from Reality Wanted

David has a new series, Natural Order, that explores humans and their relationship to the natural world.

The photographs in the series, Natural Order, are about the complex, tenuous, and often contradictory relationships people have with the natural world. They express our fear of elemental chaos, alienation from nature, and our attempts to protect ourselves and put ourselves above the natural order. However, these images also reveal our fascination with natural beauty and wildness, and our reverence for the immutable forces of our planet.

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