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The Lunch Box Gallery Summer Photo Show 2012

The Lunch Box Gallery is opening it’s 2nd annual Summer Photo Show 2012 on Saturday, August 11th in Miami, Florida. There is a wide range of work from conceptual and documentary photography, from narrative, photo-essay, iPhoneography and photo-collage; touching on topics like obsessive-compulsive tendencies, the demystification of the “happily ever after”, performative images that play with childhood materials to reflect on how they determine us, or the mistreated young Muay Thai boxers from a Bangkok slum.
Photographers participating in the show include:
Sarah Tortora (Connecticut), John William Keedy (New York), Noah David Bau (Boston/Bangkok), Amy Leibrand (Ohio), Miranda Maynard (North Carolina), Lissette Schaeffler (Miami), Aimee Hertog (New Jersey), Dafna Steinberg (Washington DC), Ted Oonk (The Netherlands), Luisa Mesa (Miami), Troy Colby (Kansas), Ramesh Pithiya (Washington DC), Naimar Ramirez (Puerto Rico) and Tracy Thomas (California).
Summer Photo Show 2012
John Keedy, It’s Hardly Noticeable XVIII
 John Keedy, It’s Hardly Noticeable XI
 Amy Leibrand, I am an excellent death

Ted Oonk, The over-aesthetic database#4
Lissette Schaeffler, By the hour 3
Noah David Bau, Ball 14, 83 lbs.
Noah David Bau, Bau 14, 86 lbs.,
Aimee Hertog, Picnic in The Park
Miranda Maynard, Balloons
Miranda Maynard, Glitter
Troy Colby, The Return 4
Sarah Tortora, Still Life I
Sarah Tortora, Still Life II
Tracy Thomas, Building New Man
Dafna Steinberg, Little Monster
Dafna Steinberg, The Bad Bitch Crew

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