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Brandon Juhasz: American Bigfoot is Monkey Suit

Ohio photographer, Brandon Juhasz, is a combination of Dr. Frankenstein, Picasso in his cubist period, and photographic outlier. He received his BFA from Bowling Green State University where he was trained in photography and painting and his work seeks to “dissect and understand the entrenched power of images and photography in our culture and the changing nature of the photographic image”. I’m showing some selections from his project, American Bigfoot is Monkey Suit.

Brandon’s work has been included in many juried and curated exhibitions both locally and nationally including the Hagedorn Gallery in Atlanta for the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival and MOCA Cleveland.
My work is an exploration of the power and saturation of our image based culture. I explore the concept of photography in contemporary society and its fluid and ubiquitous nature.  Photography is now an integral part of living. No longer a curiosity or hobby, photography is as common as driving a car. How does this affect us? How does it affect our ideals and worldview, our self-awareness or our memory? By using images found on the Internet to make new worlds I employ narrative image making to explore failure, desire and life in a post memory, post private hyper documented world.

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