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Garis & Hahn Gallery: After The Fall

Always happy to celebrate a new photography gallery. Garis & Hahn recently opened in New York City and is a “gallery-cum-Kunsthalle that mounts exhibitions focused on conceptual narratives and relevant conversations in contemporary art.” Located on the Bowery, the gallery endeavors to provide accessibility, education, awareness, and a market to the art while engaging both the arts community and a broader general audience, by displaying an array of carefully curated artists, Gallery owners and directors, Mary Garis and Sophie Hahn both graduated with Master of Arts in Modern Art from Christie’s Education, New York.

They are celebrating the opening of their space with After the Fall, curated by Gagosian Beverly Hills Associate, Andrea Pemberton. After the Fall, is a photography exhibition featuring the works of seven graduates of the Yale School of Fine Art’s Photography Masters program: Felix R. Cid, Pao Houa Her, Matthew Monteith, Yorgos Prinos, Hrvoje Slovenc and Monika Sziladi. The opening reception for After the Fall will be held on January 11, 2013 from 6PM to 8PM. The exhibition will be on view through February 16, 2013.

Selected images from After the Fall
Felix R. Cid, Bullfight, 2012
Hrvoje Slovenc, II-II, 2012

Matthew Monteith, Carmela, Rome, Italy, 2008
Matthew Monteith, Collar, Merchants, House Museum, 2010
Monika Sziladi, Untitled (Bird Cages), 2011
Monika Sziladi, Untitled (Fursuit Follies), 2011
Yorgos Prinos, Blind Window, Stamford, 2010
Yorgos Prinos, Chandelier, Wall Street, 2011
Yorgos Prinos, Man with tear, New, York, 2010
Yorgos Prinos, Olympic Club, San Francisco, 2010

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