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Someone I Know

Since 2008, curator Stuart Pilkington has created projects that allows for a wide variety of photographic responses to a theme or idea.  His recent effort is Someone I know, a portrait exhibition that brings together established and emerging photographers around the globe.

He simply asked selected photographers to take a portrait of someone they know, no matter how loosely interpreted. The project is conscious of the fact that just like plumbers not having finished bathrooms and dentists having bad teeth, photographers don’t often apply their trade to people closer to home. It’s a chance for the people taking part to see if they can express their relationship with someone through means of a photograph.

I am sharing a handful of my favorite images today (and, okay, one of mine…), but spend some time on the site to see the entire collection.

Mrs. Pollak, remembering the brother she lost in World War II © Klaus Pichler
David March 2013′ © Jim Mortram
Maxim Ksuta-Noscov, the great russian artist and my great friend, 2012 © Igor Starkov
Georgia,The Day After the Family Dog Died © Susan Worsham
Grandpa, two weeks before his 97th birthday, Farmington, Iowa, 2013 © Ben Huff
‘Dad, 2013′ © Todd Stewart
Jimmy D,Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, 2013 © Shawn Gust
Pinkeye‘ © Elizabeth Fleming
Tammy, Goldengate Street, Detroit 2012 © Dave Jordano
‘Jess and Vanessa’ © Jess T Dugan
‘Elsa in the Living Room, 2013′ © Colleen Plumb
‘Little I. at 7 months’ © Kate Hutchinson 
‘He said ‘I Hate the Sun” © Brian Widdis
‘Boots, with eggs’ © Michael David Murphy
‘Andie on Santa Ana Island’ © Susan A Barnett 
‘Alex in a Top Hat, 2013′ © Aline Smithson

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