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Smithson_Surfer copyFor almost seven years , writing LENSCRATCH  has been a solo expedition, not unlike the photograph above.  Today I am thrilled to launch a new LENSCRATCH as a destination rich with resources, content, and a committed staff of photographers who are working alongside me to bring the site to another level.  LENSCRATCH has featured the work of more than 2,000 photographers since its inception and created international exposure opportunities for many of their projects.  The new site allows for continued exploration of those posts and much more.  For the past 6 months, we have spent countless hours building, shaping, and organizing a site that we hope will be a tremendous learning tool and a rich resource for photographers and educators.

Hillary Clinton stated it well when she said “It takes a village” and what a village we have built.  Last year, I added some wonderful contributors to the roster.  Sarah Stankey and Grant Gill, both recent graduates of the Milwaukee Institute of Art, create the LENSCRATCH exhibitions and contribute with posts.  And now I add a number of fantastic photographers to our staff–all who have spent months without compensation, creating a site we are so incredibly proud of.  Pauline Gola has been an unsurpassed Managing Editor considering all the potential for the site, Jonas Yip has built and crafted a new LENSCRATCH with his otherworldly technical expertise, Clay Lipsky brings his visual and technical talent to the entire site, and Mindi LaRose has tirelessly gathered resources that all emerging photographers will appreciate.  We also have had research help from Valerie Patterson and Beata Bernina that significantly adds to the content.  Also, LENSCRATCH was lucky to have fantastic guest editors this past year: Heidi Romano, Eleonora Ronconi, Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin and Jacqueline Roberts, with more on the horizon.

Beginning this week, the updated LENSCRATCH features a new MIXTAPE series, starting with the Jason Landry Mixtape, where once a week, movers and shakers in the photography world–curators, gallerists, editors, etc–share a bit about who they are. And more ideas are in the mix.

Please be patient, as we are still working out all the bugs (moving 400,000 images to a new server is no small feat), but take some time to go through the site and enjoy our efforts and all the wonderful photography.  As a way to give back to us, please “like” us on Facebook, tweet about the new site, share it with your colleagues, friends, and students, and subscribe for your daily dose of photography.

A giant thank you to all the photographers who have so kindly shared their work over the years and to the staff who have given so much of their time. Here’s a big toast to what’s ahead.




Posts on Lenscratch may not be reproduced without the permission of the Lenscratch staff and the photographer.

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