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Robert Collier Beam: The States Project: Texas

001_Light Transformation #1

©Robert Collier Beam, Light Transformation #1

 Robert Collier Beam’s work transcends disciplines – though his photographs are incredible. His most recent work is titled Phenomenomena.

Robert Collier Beam is an interdisciplinary artist working in photography, installation, and drawing. Robert received his MFA from the University of Oregon and BFA in photography from the University of North Texas. Robert grew up on his families ranch in deep East Texas where a strong appreciation for the land was developed. Robert’s work has been shown both nationally and internationally at galleries that include, Holly Johnson Gallery, Dallas, Texas; The New Gallery, Calgary, Alberta; Trianon Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta; Arteles Creative Center in Haukijärvi, Finland; Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon; and the Houston Center for Photography in Houston, Texas. Robert currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.


From reading signs in the dirt to looking through the darkest skies, our engagement with the landscape has always led to a temporary cultural understanding of who and where we are in relation to it.

This inherent urge to look out, in order to ground our presence, resonates with our cultural obsession with the photograph as a form of reality. Before photography’s ability to fix light, various objects were used as a means of mediation between scientists and artists with the intention of producing an idea of truth. The record, photograph or artifact is an absence of space but our ability to afford these objects the power to transcend our present physical state interests me deeply.

The work also functions as a response to the unknown within the landscape; visualizing colliding elements beyond our limited grasp of visible light, searching for sites of natural phenomena and calling attentions to implied ideas such as borders and time.

002_mcdonald observatory

©Robert Collier Beam, McDonald Observatory

003_Mystery Lights

©Robert Collier Beam, Mystery Lights

004_Interior Detail of Temporary Structure

©Robert Collier Beam, Interior Detail of Temporary Structure

005_Collecting Light

©Robert Collier Beam, Collecting Light

006_Rope Map

©Robert Collier Beam, Rope Map

007_Core Sample Study #3

©Robert Collier Beam, Core Sample Study #3


©Robert Collier Beam, Cross

009_Looking North

©Robert Collier Beam, Looking North

010_Surface Study #2

©Robert Collier Beam, Surface Study #2

011_Two Countries

©Robert Collier Beam, Two Countries

012_Monument to Noon (15minutes past)

©Robert Collier Beam, Monument to Noon (15 minutes past)

013_Signal Mirror Inside Temporary Shelter

©Robert Collier Beam, Signal Mirror Inside Temporary Shelter

014_Listening to the Sound of the Ocean

©Robert Collier Beam, Listening to the Sound of the Ocean

015_Artifical Meets Natural

©Robert Collier Beam, Artificial Meets Natural

016_Homemade Compass

©Robert Collier Beam, Homemade Compass

017_Monument to the Continental Divide

©Robert Collier Beam, Monument to the Continental Divide

018_Recording the Sound of the Ocean

©Robert Collier Beam, Recording the Sound of the Ocean

019_Unseen Mountain Range of Atlantic Sea Floor

©Robert Collier Beam, Unseen Mountain Range of Atlantic Sea Floor

020_Light Transformation #5

©Robert Collier Beam, Light Transformation #5

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