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STUMP at the Candela Gallery

NJ Gov Chris Christie campaining in NJ 2013

©Mark Peterson, Christie, NJ, 2014 – NJ Gov Chris Christie campaining in NJ

We are gearing up for an “interesting” Fall, filled with politics not-as-usual and a campaign that will surely sully an institution once held in some regard. The Candela Gallery in Richmond, Virginia kicks off the season with a new exhibition, STUMP, featuring a line-up of photographic artists whose work is “politically salient, couched in national issues, or generally steeped in concerns we are all facing.” The gallery’s hope is to “sponsor discussion around an array of issues at the forefront of national debates. The photographic works featured draw on our current culture and provide a lens through which to examine issues both locally and globally important.” The exhibition opens on September 2 and runs through October 22, 2016.

The featured artists include Lindsey Beal, Sheila Pree Bright, Debi Cornwall, Mark Peterson, Brian Ulrich, Tom Kiefer, and D.M.Whitman. STUMP artist Mark Peterson documents the theater of the campaign trail. Lindsey Beal highlights issues regarding sexual freedom and women’s reproductive rights. Sheila Pree Bright covers the Black Lives Matter movement inspiring a crucial dialogue about racial inequality and political struggles that divide us. Debi Cornwall explores the dire and often bizarre world of those imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and those who guard them. Tom Kiefer takes a humanizing look at immigration, and the risks migrants take crossing the border in hopes of a better life.  Brian Ulrich captures American consumerism and the allure of material wealth. Lastly, D.M. Witman examines climate concerns and the harsh realities of changing environmental regimes.

03.MarkPeterson.PoliticalTheatre-bernie supporters las vegas 2015

©Mark Peterson, “Bernie Supporters, Las Vegas,” 2015

02.MarkPeterson.PoliticalTheatre-.2nd AmendmentRallyByWashington,DC,2010jpg

©Mark Peterson, “2nd Amendment Rally by Washington, DC,” 2010

01.BrianUlrich.Tiffany & Co., New York, NY 2013

©Brian Ulrich, “Liberty, Tiffany & Co., New York, NY,” 2013.

02.BrianUlrich.Ricardo and Jeanne, Beverly Hills, CA 2015

©Brian Ulrich, “Ricardo & Jeanne, Beverly Hills, CA,” 2015.


© Brian Ulrich, “Swarovski, Chicago, IL,” 2013

01.D.M.Witman.Melt N35 20 E138

D.M. Witman, “Melt, N35 20 E138,” 2015, Archival gold-toned salted-paper photograph

02.D.M.Witman.Melt N35 21 E138

©D.M. Witman, “Melt, N35 21 E138,” 2015, Archival gold-toned salted-paper photograph

03.D.M.Witman.Melt N36 E138 31

©D.M. Witman, “Melt, N36 E138 31,” 2015, Un-Fixed gold-toned salted-paper photograph


©Tom Kiefer, “Trail Markers,” Migrants will sometimes place brightly colored objects along a path to guide those traveling behind them. These rubber ducks were used as trail markers, one retaining a twist-tie used to fasten to a bush or tree branch.


Tom Kiefer, “Water Bottles,” 2014. Water is the primary source of hydration when crossing the desert. In the Tucson sector of the U.S./Mexico border, heavy-duty non-biodegradable black plastic bottles are commonly used as canteens and are occasionally covered or insulated with remnants of clothing or blanket.


©Tom Kiefer, “Soap,” Personal hygiene products that migrants carry with them such as soap, toothpaste or deodorant are considered non-essential personal property and are disposed of during intake.


©Sheila Pree Bright, “#1960Now, Baltimore,” 2015, Silver Gelatin Prints


©Sheila Pree Bright, “#1960Now, Atlanta,” 2015,  Silver Gelatin Prints


©Sheila Pree Bright, “#1960Now, Atlanta,” 2015, Silver Gelatin Prints


©Lindsey Beal, “The Electric Coronet Beauty Patter,” from the series Intimate Appliances, 2013.  Ziatype


©Lindsey Beal, “Bacterial vaginosis I,” from the series Transmission, 2011-2012. Petri Dish (4”) containing embedded cyanotype in resin


©Lindsey Beal, “Latex,” from the series Reproduction(s), 2009/2016.Digitally printed wallpaper

Smoke Break, Camp America

©Debi Cornwall, Smoke Break, Camp America (2014)

Compliant Detainee Media Room, Camp 5

©Debi Cornwall, Compliant Detainee Media Room, Camp 5 (2014)

Prayer Rug with Arrow, Camp Echo (Analog 2015)

©Debi Cornwall, Prayer Rug with Arrow to Mecca, Camp Echo (2015)

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