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2019 in the Rear View Mirror

Some days

©Aline Smithson

I’m keeping it short this year…after uploading hundreds of images for tomorrow’s post I am ready for my champage–it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? This year there are no lists of favorites, no shout outs for best books, no selecting amazing work. I’m just taking a little time away from the roar of crowd.

I would be remiss however, without expressing how grateful I am for this amazing community–for the friends I have made all over the globe who have such big hearts and so much talent. We are so lucky to be working in a creative field that is incredibly supportive and celebratory of each others’ accomplishments, and so many who in addition to their own work, create opportunities for other photographers.

I am grateful for all those who contribute to Lenscratch–the staff who continue to support the site with their talents: Patty Lemke, Julia Bennett, Jonas Yip, Paula Riff, Harry Steinway, Val Patterson, and Brian Van de Wetering–you are so amazing. A big thank you to Daniel George who tirelessly goes through all of our submissions and shares exciting new work,  thank you to Linda Alterwitz, our Art and Science Editor, who has been an incredible support to this site, to collaborators Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman who have exposed us to other collaborators, Brennan Booker who has shared emerging talents, to Anne-Laure Autin and Michael Honneger who shared photographers from across the pond, to contributors Eleonora Ronconi, Megan Ross, Dana Stirling, Sal Taylor Kydd, Julia Bennett, Amanda Dahlgren, to States Project Editors Shawn Bush, James Robert Southard, and James Friedman, and finally to all the photographers who contributed to the Photographers on Photographers series. I have always though of Lenscratch as a collaborative effort.

I am also grateful to every single person who has donated financially to the site–every dollar is used to keep the site going, to support our Student Prize, and to help staff members attend SPE National.

And finally, my advice for 2020 is navigate this journey carefully. You don’t have to show up to every party and have a minute-by-minute presence on social media. Don’t give away your precious time, money, and photographs without consideration. Spend your money and time with organizations that are ethical, that truly have YOU in their best interests.  Remember, time spent focusing on your work is the most important thing you can do to move your career forward.

Happy New Year! Here’s a toast to an amazing decade ahead!

Hope to see you somewhere along the road.

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