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F-Stop Magazine, Ahorn Magazine, Self Portraiture and Day Four

Much news on the e-zine front:
F-Stop Magazine has a new issue out featuring the work of Australian photographer, Deborah Hally, plus work by Angela Bacon Kidwell, Christopher Barrish, and a few other familiar names.

Deborah Hally

Angela Bacon Kidwell

Christopher Barrish

I received and e-mail from Italian photographers, Daniel Augscholl and Anya Jasbar, about a new magazine they are about to launch. Be sure to take a look at their own work. If you have any interest in submitting, here is the info:

There are a number of sites and blogs devoted to self portraiture. Self Portrait Gallery, Aaron Hobson’s i shot myself and they did too, and Self Portrait Day.

And finally, Day Four Magazine was kind enough to add me to their “favorites” links for November and December.

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