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And it all falls down…

This past week Photoshelter closed it’s doors, and before that, The Minnesota Center for Photography bit the dust. Not good news. I had lunch with a friend and we were discussing the state of affairs in the photo world. He mentioned Etsy and how many people were selling on this site at deeply discounted prices. I came across the work of Canadian Photographer Irene Suchocki, who is selling A LOT on Etsy at $30 an image and at first I was a bit horrified. But I can’t fault anyone for actively getting their work under the nose of the public, and wasn’t it Jen Bekman that set the cost of a fine art photograph at an all time low of $20? And don’t we all own something from 20×200? I’m not judging, just wondering how low it can go. Hey, anyone want a free photograph and I’ll pay the shipping? I call that a gift with no purchase.

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