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Aaron Hobson

As someone who loves everything about the movies, when I came upon Aaron Hobson’s fantastic work, I thought oh la la…where do I buy my ticket! Mr. Hobson has created three series, Darker, Even Darker, and Winter, with a wonderful cinematic feel and I’m completely transfixed… and want to see more. By the way, the images look much better on his site.

Aaron has a solo show opening at the Collette Blanchard Gallery in New York on November 12, and it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of his work in the near future.

Cinemascapes are a hybrid between autobiography and fiction, with Hobson himself always in the star role. They are at times, haunting and scandalous, other times inspiring, but always come across as closely personal. Reflective of his 30 years of experiences, emotions, and challenges throughout his life, Hobson creates cinemascapes that not only viscerally and visually grab the conscious mind, but also linger in the viewer’s imagination and memory.

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