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Katarina Radovic

Katarina Radovic is a poor man’s Borat, punking her subjects into thinking she might be the one. I’m on the fence about this kind of work, maybe because she looks a little too good in all the photos and I don’t feel a connection between the characters…

“The series of images calledA Husband in Paris is a playful comment on the idea of marrying abroad for papers, due to political isolation in economically underdeveloped countries. This was a starting point in my work, which, during the course of its progress, acquired a number of other meanings related to the choice of place and the characters photographed.

The scenario is the following: I myself took up the role of a young woman from Eastern Europe in the search of a husband in Paris, the model of a Western “city of dreams“. Walking across the city districts within the period of several weeks, I approached candidates asking them whether they would be willing to “marry me” and what it would look like. After a short introductory “sniffing“, they happily agreed to pose together with me for a snapshot, in which we played the role of a potential couples.”

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