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Corina Gamma

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Photographer and video artist, Corina Gamma was born in Switzerland, but spent her undergraduate and graduate years in California where she now resides. Her work examines the “geographical, political and social landscapes” of Southern California.

“Corina Gamma displays a foreigner’s wonder in her photographs of Los Angeles, delighting not in the “L.A.-ness” of her chosen subjects, but their “USA-ness”: amusement-park rides, their elaborate structures set against wide-open spaces; and housing developments, seen as repeated forms marching through space. In the former, Gamma looks up into the sky at the webs of struts and curves; in the latter, she keeps her horizon low, so that the march of rooftops is practically silhouetted against the sky. In recent video work, Gamma achieves the same near-Bauhaus elegance with a quasi-animated rhapsody on the roller coaster.”

Images from California Elegance

Images from Leisure

Images from Tree Mutations

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