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Liz Kuball’s name seems to be on everyone’s blogroll these days. Her smart, insightful blog keeps us thinking about a myriad of issues, and as she questions her own photographic journey, it makes us question ours. I am grateful to her for writing about what she believes in, and for remaining an honest, positive, and supportive voice in the sometimes testy art waters. That said, Liz is also a wonderful photographer.

Liz is a native of Washington D.C., and eventually found herself at USC working on a Masters in Writing (which she completed), but during that process rediscovered her passion for photography, and committed herself to the visual world. Her recent work, is titled Sketchbook. Liz started off shooting 36 images a day to increase her visual muscle mass, but that idea has evolved into a sketchbook of images that give us a window into her world.

The two series featured are In Store, which examines the continuing desire for comsumption and need for storage in the modern world, and Taken Root, a series that captures the details of a family wedding. The first series makes the viewer step back and examine America’s need for acquisition and the second series makes us step closer into familial waters and grab that last cold beer.

Images from Sketchbook

Images from In Store

Images from Taken Root

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