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Noureddine El-Warari

This week features West Coast photographers that capture imagery in places other than home…..

Los Angeles photographer, Noureddine El-Warari, born in Casablanca, Morocco, is a master black and white printer. After arriving in Los Angeles, by way of Texas, Noureddine put this skills to work collaborating and working with some of the greats in photography–William Claxton, Greg Gorman, Herb Ritts, and Gordon Parks to name a few. Nourdeddine’s artistic contribution to their images brought the prints to another level. He continues the tradition with his own business, Kitchen Prints, finding magic in the darkroom for his clients.

A wonderful photographer himself, Noureddine captures Morocco in a way that only a native can–as part of the tapestry that allows him to see the mystery of dark alleys and understand a covered culture that is rich in ceremony and celebration. The images glow with slices of light and need to been seen in person to appreciate the subtitles of his darkroom mastery.

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