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Meggan Gould

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Meggan Gould explores the flip side of communication, by examining “the visibility and mutability of mundane surfaces, both public and private.” She has some wonderful typologies of the backs of photographs, blackboards, and computer screens–all tools of communication at rest in their environments.

Meggan received her MFA from Dartmouth and is currently an Assistant Professor of Art of Bowdin College in Maine. Her work has garnered a number of awards, residencies, and exhibitions.

“My most recent work (Verso) continues to probe the tension between what conventionally constitutes a picture space and the underlying factors, textual or otherwise, that work to reinforce and define that space. These stark images allow the viewer to glimpse only the backs of photographs—-gleaned from my family’s visual history as well as from anonymous, found photographic collections. Hints of text, stamped numbers, tape and glue marks, all relics of a pre-pixel age, invite the viewer to construct their own photographic image on an imagined reverse side.”

Images from Verso

Images from Blackboards

Images from Screenshots

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