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Lacey Terrell

California photographer and Review SF participant, Lacey Terrell, has a sumptuous, engaging body of work titled offSet. An MFA graduate from Cal Arts, Lacey has an insiders view of movie sets, but instead turns her camera onto the details and the moments that seem unremarkable, yet poetic.
Lacey’s work can also be found in the new issue of F Stop Magazine.

“As a still photographer on motion picture sets, I am required to capture the scripted, predictable moments in the story that are used for publicity. In order to do this, I have to be close to the action, yet invisible; I am constantly observing, waiting for the quintessential ‘moment’ which depicts the tale that is unfolding. My mission in that realm is very specific.

In this series, I have used my experience on films and locations as a starting point, but have turned my camera off set. Slipping behind the metaphoric curtain of center stage, I will look back at the constructed reality being played out, or wander into uninhabited areas. I am intrigued by where the artifice of movie making and the ‘real’ intermingle. As I hunt for images that occupy this space, I become a flâneur of sorts; a solitary figure roaming the outskirts of the location, studying the spectacle before me, looking for things unnoticed by others. In this realm, I have the freedom to capture unwritten, authentic moments found within the contrived environment of a film set. Re-contexualizing these images, I create my own mysterious slivers of narrative that highlight the overlooked, the unexpected, and the poetic.”

Images from offSet

Installation images

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