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Andrew Buurman

This week I am featuring a selection of Critical Mass portfolios that were stand-outs in my very subjective opinion. There are numerous others that have already been featured on Lenscratch.

Andrew Buurman’s bio states that he was born in Liverpool the day after The Beatles played their last UK concert. It’s one of those facts that let you know that Mr. Buurman might have a unique point of view, having been deprived of the biggest thing that ever came out of his home town..until Mr. Buurman, of course. Andrew’s series, Concourse, was one of 180 that made the Critical Mass list this year, and it’s a body of work that I found fascinating and intriguing. It’s a simple concept, but a smart one. The images reveal how our brains and bodies react to processing information. He has a number of interesting projects featuring the quirkier side of British life.

These photographs were taken in major railway stations in London. I had wanted to capture a moment that is universal. Those of us who live in cities are desperate to look in control but at times certain situations show that we are vulnerable, tense and searching for direction. This searching implies spirituality. The subjects look upwards as though seeing something divine reminiscent of those looking at the heavens in mediavel art such as that by Giotto di Bondone Although in a public space the subjects are in a private moment. Does this allow me to take their picture? As street photography becomes under more pressure this work challenges the idea of privacy and photography.

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