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Select Gender

A new exhibition, Select Gender, at the Farmani Gallery in Brooklyn opens tonight, April 1st, and runs through May 22nd. The exhibition was curated by Rafael Soldi, Paolo Morales, and Elle Perez, and features work revolving around the themes of identity, self-awareness and gender-specific culture.

The diverse group of emerging photographers represented in this exhibition show us different aspects and interpretations of gender roles in mainstream America and beyond. The juxtapositions of gender queer, hyper masculinities and ambiguous representations force the viewer to question his or her own perceptions and the legitimacy of a gender binary. Ultimately the goal of Select Gender is not to expose, shock or titillate, but to offer reflection on the constructs and wide range of possibilities for gender expression.

Included in the exhibition are works by Nicolas Jandji, Diane Russo, Caleb Cole, Kate Hutchinson, Sarah Sudhoff, Monique Bergen Henegouwen, Jamil Hellu, J. Aiden Simon, Molly Landreth + Amelia Tovey, Katie Koti, Carol Bower, and Daniel Aguirre.

Diane Russo

Sarah Sudhoff

Kate Hutchinson

Carl Bower

Molly Landreth and Amelia Tovey

Caleb Cole

Jamil Hellu

Monique Bergen Henegouwen

Daniel Aguirre

Jason Hanasik

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