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Liz Lantz

The old adage about shooting what you know rings very true with Liz Lantz’s work. After completing her BFA in photography at Columbia College in Chicago, Liz moved to San Diego to “nurture her passion for surfing”. And now she combines her passion for photography and her passion for surfing in the series, Sirens. Her work avoids the iconic action surf shots, but instead explores the life of women who are drawn to the sea and captures moments that reflect the routines and the rituals of a surfer’s world.

Sirens grew from a desire to understand a culture that I desperately wanted to be a part of as a land-locked surfer, riding the waves of Lake Michigan. When I moved to San Diego, it was both exciting and intimidating to see beaches full of people who shared my love for surfing. Popular surf media painted a picture of male-dominated world and I was surprised to see many other women in the water. In response to my own surf experiences, I set out to learn about these women and a side of surfing that is rarely exposed.

Despite working full-time jobs, going to school, and/or having a family, I discovered a community of women who make time to surf daily, regardless of conditions, and are fearless against waves twice their size. They incorporate surfing into as many aspects of their lives as possible: through creating a serene surf shack to call home, winning surf competitions to earn a living, or starting their own surf school.

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