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Angela Cappetta

New York photographer, Angela Cappetta is engaged in all aspects of the photographic profession, working as a commercial, wedding, fine art, and documentary photographer. Much of Angela’s commercial work uses her sensibilities as a documentary observer to animate and personalize her projects. Her series, Love Letters to the Mountains, will be exhibited this fall at the MGS Gallery in Medusa, New York. Angela’s series, Glenalis, a 10 year project documenting a young woman on the lower east side, was featured on The Girl Project. Her work has appeared in numerous publications and her images are held in significant museum collections.

The work I am featuring below is is from a fine art project of panoramic color negative chromagenic prints titled, Family, Etc. Angela gives the viewer slices of her life and by using the panorama format, bringing intimate details and familial moments into cinematic scale.

Family, Etc: While photographing hard and fast “projects” for myself over the years, I’d often turn the camera onto my own family while, doing other things. After several seasons of doing this, I began printing the pictures. Once I placed my discipline into editing these stacks and stacks of contact sheets, I became charmed, and a little frightened, by how photogenic my family seemed.

My family’s lives, some coming into their autumns, some just beginning, became something for me to remark upon. Their banality and extremes held, and still hold, my interest. These people are, at this point, used to a camera being in the room with them when I’m with them, so the blush is off the rose at this point. However, they still do things that I like to photograph, some old, some new, and some the same.

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