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Carl Corey: For Love and Money

We are a country of entrepreneurs, self-starters, and determined individuals that make up the core of our American dream.  Long before the Fortune 500’s, there were mom and pop day-to-day desires to carve out a living, and a life on one’s own terms.  Carl Corey takes a look at those self-starters who have created family businesses in Wisconsin and have managed to stay afloat for 50 years or more.

Carl is a photographer’s photographer. From the array and quality of his work (be sure to explore his other projects), to his amazing printing and his insightful workshops, he casts a long shadow of excellence.  In his words:

I’ve been a photographer for all of my adult life. The kind of photography I do is called fine art documentary photography, which means that even though I carefully consider how I make a picture they are accurate depictions of real people and real places. I strive for honesty. This work has led me to be interviewed on numerous radio and television programs, including The National News Hour on PBS, the San Francisco Chronicle and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  My pictures are making it into museums and corporate as well as private collections.  I am profoundly grateful for this recognition; it’s really encouraged me to work harder.
For Love and Money ~ the Established Family Business
Becoming intrigued with the familial lineage involved in many of the Tavern League subjects I decided to start to investigate the well established family business in Wisconsin. My criteria were simple: The enterprise must be located in Wisconsin and currently owned and operated by the family for a minimum of fifty years. 
There is much that can be said pertaining to the history of such an enterprise. There is also the contemporary entrepreneurial commitment to the continued success of the business, most especially with the current economic climate and ever expanding competitive global marketplace.

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