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One day this beautiful book, Water’s Edge,  arrived in my mailbox.  Of course, I was intrigued and discovered not only a stunning collection of photographs, but wonderful writing that accompanies the images.  And I had to know more….

Created by photographer and publisher Clare O’Neill, she discovered that her work generated wildly different interpretations, so titled her first solo exhibition, Open to Interpretation.  She had a dozen images and collaborated with an array of writers to include 24 different stories and poems inspired by her work.  She discovered she really enjoyed the process of bringing more to that table than just  photographs.

Since that experience, Clare has become an art entrepreneur, creating a unique (and truly fabulous) approach to presenting work.  She has always wanted to be part of a creative publishing outlet, and so, she created her own, and titled it, Open to Interpretation.  She decided that a juried book competition that called upon photographers, and later writers, would be an incredible opportunity, not only for herself, but for an array of artists, to produce something bigger than they could do in isolation, and the result of that collaboration would continue long after most exhibitions are off the walls.

The inaugural Open to Interpretation book

Submissions to the Open to Interpretation’s next book, Fading Light, are due by June 26th. George Slade is the juror for the next book. Photographs are selected first, and then there is a call for writing. To submit, go here.

I thought you’d enjoy some samples from Water’s Edge.  The book can be purchased here.

Image by Gia Canali
Text by Justin Maxwell and Lisa Poje Angelos

Image by Susan Kae Grant
Text by Natalie Vestin and Charles Taliaferro

Image by Kirsten Hoving
Text by Wendy Amundson and Joel Kaj Jensen

Image by Anna Hurtig
Text by Jacqueline Kolsov and Milissa Link

Image by Yoichi Kawamura
Text by Barrie Jean Borich and Kristen Radtke

Image by Kat Moser
Text by Beebe Barksdale-Bruner and Pablo Medina

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