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Cambio Creativo

Art is a universal language, and without a doubt, the importance of young minds being blown by possibility and imagination is one of the best gifts we can pass on to the next generation.  Photographers Lorena Endara and Rose Cromwell are doing just that at Cambio Creativo in Panama.  They celebrate young photographer’s personal interpretations bringing voice to their world.

Cambio Creativo is an educational platform that promotes critical thinking skills, determination and self-expression through the process of exchanging ideas and skills. We facilitate a space for mutual exchange between a group of mentors and students in Coco Solo (Colon, Panama). Monthly interdisciplinary workshops are led by mentors from Colon, Panama City and abroad. We trust that by stimulating knowledge, creativity, and positive experiences, participants will find alternatives for their own social and economic development.

Images by the students of Cambio Creativo

Celestina, age 10

Idalia, age 12
Kimberley, age 17

Manuel, age 8

Roberto, age 15

Luis, age 14

Pocha, age 12

Omar, age 16

Bladimir, age 17
Rafael, age 15

Yari, age 12
Rosa, age 12

Carlos, age 18
Gladys, age 15

Jesus David, age 18

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