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Summer reruns: Slimeface

Summer reruns: This post previously ran on August 8th, 2009

Paul Tarin, aka Slimeface, recently added me as a contact on JPG Magazine. With a name like that, you think, who the hell is this? So I checked him out. Turns out that Slimeface has been a long-haul trucker for over 30 years, who also happens to be a photographer, and is taking full advantage of his unique perspective of our country’s endless highways to capture real “on the road” imagery. I admire his hard work and envy seeing the vistas and beauty that he captures on a regular basis. His enthusiasm for his craft, his desire to learn and connect with other photographers, even writing his own photography blog, all while spending hours behind the wheel, makes him quite remarkable. Finding his work has given me a new perspective on tuckers and travel and certainly makes me want to gas up the car and get going.

I’m a 53 year old long haul trucker and have been trucking for over 30 years. Currently I travel coast to coast pulling a tanker full of food “grade A” products such as milk, cream, liquid eggs, yeast and assorted juices. Driving on an average of 700 miles a day doesn’t leave much time for sightseeing but I take advantage of every opportunity and stop I make to take pictures of the places and people I come across.

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