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Clare O’Neill: Contemporary Photo Encaustics

Time Slips Away

Time Slips Away ©Clare O’Neill

The name Clare O’Neill may sound familiar.  For the past several years she has been publishing the beautifully designed  Open to Interpretation books, filled with wonderful photographs and writings. Beyond her abilities as a publisher, editor, and curator, Clare is an artist and educator, with a two new workshops in Contemporary Photo Encaustics on the horizon.





Working in mixed media Clare combines her photographs with pigments, wax and oils which adds a sense of mystery and intrigue to her contemporary photo encaustic paintings. Clare uses rich imagery, bold brush strokes, and playful drips to create paintings full of gesture, spontaneity, and motion. It’s a labor-intensive process where the photographs are printed on tissue paper in multiple pieces, and then carefully imbedded into the layers of hot beeswax. The result—a stunning, modern, ethereal design with a warm textural appeal.

The Artistic Image (Online Course):
transform your photographs with pigment and wax
(a beginner’s online photo encaustic class) Fall 2014

The Artistic Image is a five-week, online course where you’ll learn basic encaustic photography while creating your own signature style. This course is designed to lead you though the process of working in the alternative process of photo encaustic. You’ll develop your skills, aesthetic, and vision for working in the medium and transform your images into works of art.

This course will bring you through working with your photographs and encaustic. We will explore adding images at different stages, at the beginning or during the process of adding layers of wax. This course will cover paper use and selection, mounting techniques and materials, encaustic pouring and paining, glazing, scraping, image transfers, stenciling imbedding objects, and adding texture and color to the encaustic process.

This is a survey class that will introduce you to various aspects of encaustic. My approach to teaching is simple and experimental. I believe in working with you step by step encouraging you throughout the process. I have taught photographers and non-photographers alike and have varied experience teaching workshops and one-on-one private lessons.

The Artistic Image
Santa Fe Workshop
September 9 – September 14, 2014
Ready to get away from it all and immerse yourself in creativity?

This five-day workshop through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops has it all. We’ll explore that it means to create one-of-a-kind three dimensional work in and amongst spending time photographing the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley. Our time together will be intense and you’ll be encouraged to take risks, to let go of preconceived ideas and to have fun. The Snowmass environs are incredibly beautiful and the last few days of the workshop will bring lots of festivities with the Snowmass Balloon Festival and the Snowmass Wine Festival.

There will be plenty of time for shooting, learning encaustis and partaking in the food, flavors, sights, and sounds of the area. At the end of the workshop you’ll have several finished pieces to pack in your suitcase.

Some of Clare’s encaustic work follows….


Aine ©Clare O’Neill


Dance Again

Exquisite Pleasure








Sea Horse





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