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Content-Aware: the Live Wild collective


©Lila Khosrovian

Born in August 2014, the LIVE WILD collective offers a unique visual proposition fueled by seven young artists working with collage, gif and photography. 

Gathered by shared artistic longings and similar aesthetic tastes, this group thrives on each artist’s personal signature.

Bringing six countries together, LIVE WILD also brings very eclectic yet complementary backgrounds in harmony. 

The LIVE WILD collective was founded by Camille Lévêque and includes Charlotte FosAnna HahoutoffMarguerite HorayLucie Khahoutian​, Lila KhosrovianIna Lounguine.


©Camille Lévêque

Words from the collective:

We want to produce work with layers that speak about social and cultural issues and trigger debate.

We aim to rejuvenate the age of collage and create a platform where artists from different geographical, social and political backgrounds can produce works that communicate smoothly with one another.

We bring back major art movements to the table. Movements such as Dada, Surrealism, Fluxus. Movements we feel close to, movements that have not aged and are still relevant, evolving and existing through perpetual new forms.
We believe we can mock anything, ourselves especially.

We love René Magritte, Sergueï Parajanov, Andreï Tarkovsky, Joseph Beuys, Henri Rousseau, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Toiletpaper, Tristan Tzara, Pierre et Gilles, Martin Parr, Man Ray, Joseph Cornell, Takeshi Kitano, Sophie Calle, Ai Weiwei and many more.
We gather forces and thoughts, and build our platform as an exquisite corpse.

We strive to be a voice from the people, to the people, about the people.
We test the truth of images, the boundaries between reality and fantasy.
We discuss fate, femininity, religion, memory, cultural heritage and identity.

We are no passive creator, no muse, we are the Live Wild collective. 

Our works brought together become evidence, we honor our references as they nourish us and our eagerness to create.


©Ina Lounguine


© Marguerite Horay


©Charlotte Fos


©Lucie Khahoutian


©Anna Hahoutoff

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