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The 2017 Love Letters Exhibition: Part 2

photos depicting everyday life for young women in the 1800-early 1900's

©Erika Masterson, The Love Letter, Melbourne, FL


©Wendi Schneider, Dawn, Denver, CO


©Patricia Ackerman, It never arrived, Oporto, Portugal

Lenscratch LOVE LETTER

©Ana Roelofs, BROTHERS, Davos (CH)


©Alaina Dall, Found When Cleaning Out Her Things, Los Angeles, CA

– I love how you saved sweet things, like notes, photos, and birth announcements. Your beautiful spirit is always with me.


©honeylazar, Our 43rd New Year’s Eve, Big Sur, CA

Sister 1960

©Joey Potter, “Sister” 1960 (Re-imagined), Battles Wharf, AL


©Diane Fenster, The Seeker #2, Pacifica, CA

– Extreme love to my husband Miles Stryker, who takes on the mantle of muse with such grace and doesn’t get “too” angry when we arrive at a location to shoot and I find I’ve left my memory card at home.


©Vihang Deota , Journey of Two, San Diego, CA


©Nanette Rae Freeman, Quirky Artifacts, Summerville, GA

– I am continuously drawn to others’ deeply personal place-making, often expressed with quirky collections of artifacts.  I think of these sites I stumble across as loving shrines.

Dreaming of You

©Roger Leege, Dreaming of You, San Jose, Costa Rica


©Rosella Birgy, She Smiles, Minneapolis, MN

– I love the way her smile is the brightest at the most insignificant moments–like every little thing we do is worth a special smile. I love her so much–she deserves to smile more. 


©Lindsay Richard, The Color Lab, North Walpole, NH

– A friend of mine recently left the commercial printing manufacturer we both work for.  I feel his loss because he’s the kind of guy who wants things to be beautiful, even when they’re caked in dust, oil and ink. 


©Mark Indig, Genoa, Genoa, Italy

Version 2

©Maureen Haldeman, Paris Je T’aime, Paris, France

Mara Zaslove

©Mara Zaslove, Wrapped in Love, Los Angeles, CA

– When I see another mother and child, it brings back a flood of memories of when I held you, my daughter, in my arms and the strong desire to always protect you.


©Deborah Saul, Leaving, St. Paul, MN

– Dear sweet daughter as you go into the world, know that my love surrounds you like a soft mist. You have everything you need, you are whole and perfect.


©LI HUI, The Kiss, Kyoto


©Georgia Matsamaki, Freshly bought Holding Hand on a duvet cover, Chania-Crete, Greece

– …Dear diary, my beloved JH is still far away and I miss him so. Today I bought a holding hand for all those unbearably endless days and nights, as I keep on anticipating the moment we will see each other again…


©Madison Beach, Skater Shadow, Copenhagen

– A photographic love letter to skating and the world it opens up. 


©otto di paolo, without title, Milan, Italy

Lorena Endara - The End

©Lorena Endara, The End, Los Angeles, CA

– Dear Chocolate Milkshake,
This is not the end.
_©Marla Puziss_In Jude_'sGarden_NewMexico

©Marla Puziss, In Jude’s Garden, NM

– This photo will always remind me of my husband, who was with me in his cousin’s garden. The two heart-shaped chairs are our love and life together.


©Derek Oss, Mom & Me, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

– Shine on, you crazy diamond


©Dina Oganova, White Sea, Georgia, Kobuleti


©Shaun Martins, As He Is, Cranston, RI

– My loving husband whom I embrace and love as he is.


©Susan Lirakis, Brave New Soul, Tivoli, NY

– Dear New One who is a good antidote to troubling world happenings. We are glad to meet you.


©Victoria J. Ridgway, Roadside Attraction, Vinton, LA

– Without you, I questioned my strength. Without you, I found myself.

music room

©Crina Prida, Music Room, Cluj, Romania

'Dear John ...'

©Pete Rogers, Dear John ….,Brighton, UK

Little Bear

©Kathleen B. Donovan, Little Bear, Waunakee, WI

Love Letter ©Nadia Correia, Gangster, London, UK-1

©Nadia Correia, Gangster, London, UK

JP Terlizzi, Self Portrait - Kiss

©JP Terlizzi, Self Portrait, Kiss, New York, NY

– Loving you has been a journey of transformation for me, you have taught me to be comfortable in my own skin and I can be myself when I am with you. Thank you for always being there to support and encourage me in anything that I do.

MiaCampopiano_Mother's Embrace

©Mia Campopiano, Mother’s Embrace, Norton, MA

– Dear Essie,
Thank you for allowing me to capture this fleeting moment of us.  I will treasure it forever.
FWeiss-Fionn-Blue Gauze

©Francine Weiss, Fionn, Maynard, MA

– Dear Fionn, you are still a baby, and people give me evaluations of what you can or cannot do. Know this: I will love you always and no matter what. This is my love letter to you, and it is the first of many.


©Diane Peterson, Sending you my Love, Hubbard, OR


©Martin Cox, Gilsfjarðarbrekka, Iceland

– Yet my mind wanders ever back to our time at Gilsfjarðarbrekka.


©Mildred Alpern, My Sweetheart, New York, NY

– So thankful for all the good years we are sharing.


©Tori Gagne, Moonlit Dance III, Lompoc, CA

– Taj,
You represent freedom, wisdom, hope, dreams, wildness, courage, trust, relationship, spirituality, mystery and presence. 
You open my heart, my senses are fully engaged when I am in your presence, you are a magnificent gift to me and all who aspire to understand your species.
Thank you for being in my life.
Text Wove

©Melanie Walker, Text Wove, Boulder, CO

Nottingham, UK. I’m still with John but in few hours we are going to be separated again. Nottingham, July 2016.

©Giulia Berto, The Night Before – From the series Fragments, Nottingham, UK

– I’m still with John but in few hours we are going to be separated again.  Fragments is a story of a chase, a love letter slowly unfolding across the sea.

land and sea

©Tricia Towey, Land and Sea, New Orleans, LA

– I love you because you let me go out to sea, even when you’re rooted to the land.


©Anna Bergold, Sisters, Kassel

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

©Christine Marie Serchia, Untitled Film Photograph with Flowers, Monterrigioni, Italy

– You told me ‘I love you more than I have ever loved’. My work and my life have been devoted to understanding love ever since. 


©debe arlook, Greatest Is Love, Hollywood, CA

Edgar MadeleineSauve

©Madeleine Sauvé, Edgar, Vancouver, Canada

– Dear Edgar,
I am sorry to wake you from your beautiful sleep. It’s time for guitar. 
I have a warm t-shirt for you- just out of the dryer.
Love, Mama


©Dave Conkling, Conception, Grinnell, IA

– With all of my love for your beginning, please accept this gift of love, two bodies and one soul.

At the Book Market

©Patricia D. Richards, At the Book Market, Havana, Cuba


©Paul Matzner, Liora with Papa, Minneapolis, MN

Ann ©Norman Borden

©Norman Borden, Ann, Davis Park, Fire Island, NY

– You never fail to surprise or amaze, or amuse. Lucky me.


©Marie-José Durquet, Wistfully I Remember, Lisbon, Portugal

– Saudosamente recordo uma gentil companheira que na minha vida inteira eu nunca vi…mas recordo a sua boca doirada e o seu corpo esmaecido, em un halito perdido que vem na tarde doirada.  Mario de Sa-Carneiro

Our Fragile Earth

©Yvette Meltzer, Love Letter to the Earth, Northern Italy over the Tyrolean Alps

– Dear Earth,  I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

©Panayiotis_Tendes_LOVE LETTERS_02 jpg

©Panayiotis Tendes, BATHERS, Athens Greece


©Gloria Baker Feinstein, Love Wins, Overland Park, KS


©Dejon Christion, University of New Orleans Fine Arts Building, New Orleans, LA

– Beauty Can Come From The Darkest Places and Bring Light Into Your Lost Soul.

Boomerang of bones 07

©Dawid Furkot, Boomerang of bones, Poland

LOVE-LETTER Lenscratch Feb 14 2017

©M A McDonald, Baby Love, Tamagawa City, Tokyo, Japan


©Brenda Spielmann, First Christmas, Toronto, Canada


© Violeta Alvarez, Happiness, Galveston, TX

-To Alex, You’re my Best Friend and my Love! xo

Henry and Harry

©Aline Smithson, Vermont Morning, Killington, VT

To my wonderful husband, thank you for being the best partner in this thing called life

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