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Monica Denevan

I recently received the new issue of The Sun magazine, and was happy to see the stunning image by Monica Denevan on the cover. Monica has consistantly produced amazing imagery from her trips to Burma and China.

“My images begin with the personal connections I make while traveling in Burma. They evolve from a relationship between the people I encounter and their immediate environment. I seek out remote places that have been relatively untouched by industrial development in order to photograph those whose culture and traditional way of life reflect a deep authenticity or bond with the past. I try to focus on the intangible spirit of a place that, for those who live there, represents their daily landscape. Within this setting, the confident, self- possessed courage of the individual reveals itself. Although the Burmese people I photograph make up the content of my images, I hope to transcend the depiction of individual lives, by acknowledging their participation in a grander existence; a world of extraordinary resonance and harmony, humming within lives most ordinary.”

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