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Shpilman Insititute of Photography

I recently recieved an e-mail from the Shpilman Institute for Photography, letting me know about two Calls for Entry. I wasn’t familiar with the institute and wanted to learn more. What is THE SIP ? (in their words):

The SIP (The Shpilman Institute for Photography) is a research institute that aspires to facilitate, promote, initiate research, open debate and creative work in the field of photography and video. Our mission is to initiate and support innovative research and artistic production that advance the understanding of photography and related media.

We believe that The SIP’s mission is to further our knowledge of photography’s expressions, applications, and the ideologies and mechanisms that surround its practices. The research on photography that we initiate and support allows us not only to understand the world of photography but also to understand the world through photography, both within and beyond traditional social and cultural boundaries.

The SIP will allow varied audiences to participate, collaborate, interact, research, learn, exchange ideas, create, and think together on the meanings and functions of photography.

The SIP was founded by Mr. Shalom Shpilman, a scholar, collector, and a supporter of the arts.

The 2 Calls for Entry that they are offering are:

The SIP Call for General Research on Photography 20100 with a March 1st deadline.

The SIP Call for Philosophy and Photography 2011 also with a March 1st deadline.

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