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Liz Huston

Do You Love Me? (Nick Cave Tribute), 2012
Photographer and Artist, Liz Huston may live in Venice, California, a place known for interesting characters, but it’s in Liz’s imagination that the truly unique characters exist. Her work has evolved from a  traditional film background into digital assemblage and photomontage, allowing her rich imagination to flourish. Liz continually explores new ways of expressing her  dreams and inner landscapes, and it was through this process that she discovered a deep sense of artistic purpose.
Liz works as a commercial and fine art photographer, has exhibited nationally, and has published three books of her photography, with a fourth currently in the works. Her work will be featured in the exhibition, LA Mixtape at LeBasse Projects Chinatown in Los Angeles opening Friday, August 4th.
Tales of Love and LongingI am fascinated with the way memory influences how stories change and evolve over time. This happens not because the facts change, but because the inner orientation of the storyteller has. Their perspective grows, expanding and contracting with experience. The storyteller journeys us deep into the timeless aspects of the human experience; the kingdoms of love and loss, through a myriad of emotions. Through grief, resolve, growth and into the balance of purpose. 
Images from Tales of Love and Longing
…And the Truth Shall Set You Free, 2011

The human form, quite often a female form, is the storyteller within my art. She comes to us in the nude, like a baby, with nothing to hide: her full power and breadth still intact. We see her as metaphor, as paradox embodied. She has the power of flight, yet chooses to walk. She has the ability to swim in great depths, yet allows herself to be captured and tamed.  She teaches us, she moves through us, and yet, she does not belong to us. She is composed of images from the past and the present, and thus inhabits multiple worlds at once. This time traveler, this storyteller, unites the treads of time– leading us home, bringing us back into ourselves.

 Do As I Say (Not As I Do), 2011
 So Long As You Wish It, 2010
 Creative Isolation and the Map of Authenticity, 2011
 Goodnight, My Love, 2010
 Lullabies in Glass, 2012
 When I Found You, I Thought There Was Nothing Left, 2009
 Persistent Dream in a Broken Reality, 2010
 If There is a Prison in Your Mind, May the Bars be the Same Color As the Sky, 2012
 Self Help as a Competitive Sport, 2011
 The Slumber of Ondine, 2011
 The World Is As You Are, 2011
Walking the Spaces Between Where You End and I Begin, 2010

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