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Making Waves at Daniel Cooney Fine Arts

©Brandon Herman
Daniel Cooney Fine Art is creating a splash with Making Waves, an exhibition that opens tomorrow night, June 27th and runs through August 2nd in New York City.  The roster of artists include Harry Callahan, Deborah Hamon, Andre Kertesz, Nathan Lerner, Will McBride, Aaron Cobbett, Brandon Herman, Joseph Szabo, Slava Mogutin, Wayne Levin, Anderson & Low, Frank Yamrus, Aline Smithson, Brea Souders and Joseph Maida.  All artists give a nod to the power of water, the sense of revealed skin, and all the delights of summer.
  ©Anderson & Low
 ©Wayne Levin
 ©Edmund Teske
 ©Harry Callahan
 ©Joseph Maida
 ©Deborah Hamon
 ©Aaron Cobbett
 ©Brea Souders
 ©Slava Mogutin
©Frank Yamrus
©Aline Smithson

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