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The 2014 KISS Exhibition: Part 2


Alison Turner, K.J & Val, Long Beach, CA


Andrew Wajs, The Kiss, London, United Kingdom


Oláh László-Tibor, The Kiss, Balatonfüred, Hungary


Kenji O, Lovers, Manila, Philippines


Susanna Gaunt, First Kiss, Duluth, MN


Scott Keidong, Ice Cream and a Kiss, Cobleskill, NY


Rashed Haq, The Goodbye Kiss, Switzerland


Gemma Pepper, The Future, Wales


Holly Hinman, Unconditional Surrender, Sarasota, FL


Amy Becker, Buy 2, Seaside Heights, NJ


Ettore Maragoni, the kiss, Milan, Italy


Stan Raucher, Stazione Mergellina, Naples, Italy


Ali Donnelly, Adoration, Durham, NC


Jason Maloney, Untitled, Denver, CO


Yvette Meltzer, The French Kiss, Paris, France


Cristina Venedict, Love Story, Romania, Botosani


Dick Craig, Biped Lounge, Houston,TX


Mary Hockenbery, Kiss, Estes Park, CO


Tamas Schild, Bucolic Kiss, Rural Hungary, EU


Dale Niles, The Coney Island Kiss, Coney Island, NY


Charles Hezsely, The Kiss, Minneapolis, MN


Emily Raw, Sparks, Brooklyn, NY


Jane Gottlieb, The Electric Kiss, Sonoma, CA


Noelle Swan Gilbert, Kiss, Park City, UT


Asia Kepka, Bridget and I, Boston, MA


Larry Hirshowitz, The Kiss, Los Angeles, CA


Jessica Eileen Drogosz, April 26, Chicago, IL

Author: Marek Lapis London, UK Title: Kiss in London Underground

Marek Lapis, Kiss in London Underground, London, UK


Louise Downham, The Big Day, London, UK


Karen Carson, Giovane Amore, Firenze, Italy

Heathershuker embrace-12

Heather shuker, Embrace 12, UK


Monica Orozco, The Farewell Kiss, Los Angeles, CA

Stroll through Paris Streets

Jean Ferro, Paris Metro Kiss, Paris, France


Debe Arlook, Love Baby, Los Angeles, CA


Serhat Keskin, Love on the street, Oxford Street, London, The UK


Honey Lazar, 40 years, Cleveland, OH


Maria Fernanda Hubeaut, The Chinese Kiss, Manhattan, NY


Sarah D Herren, One Plus One Equals Three, New Orleans, LA

#welcome to the #working week

John Marshall Mantel, Parker Posey and Thomas Beller, New York, NY


Renée Jacobs, Untitled, Los Angeles, CA


Dennis Couvillion, Biting Allowed, New Orleans, LA


Vicki Reed, Colts Neck, New Jersey

Smithson_The kiss

Aline Smithson, The Kiss, from the Lonesome Doll, Los Angeles, CA

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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