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Houston Center of Photography Members Exhibition

Untitled 24

©Morgan Ashcom (Queens, NY) Untitled 24, 2013

Houston Center for Photography recently opened its 32st Annual Juried Membership Exhibition that will run through September 7th, 2014. Juror Malcolm Daniel, Curator in Charge of the Department of Photography and Curator of Special Projects at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, selected 38 artists from around the globe to create a diverse and interesting exhibition.  “I’ve selected work that I hope will make a varied but coherent exhibition while also representing the best examples of a wide array of approaches to the medium, from documentary photo essays to visual diaries and from nature photography to highly manipulated images,” said Daniel. “The three award winners—Anne Berry, Geoffrey Ellis, and Jeanine Michna-Bales—could not be more different from one another, but each presented a unique and compelling body of work.”

The Virgin Mary Makes an Appearance at the Car Show

©Bruce Barshop (San Antonio, TX) The Virgin Mary Makes an Appearance at the Car Show, San Antonio, Texas, 2012

Three of the 38 selected artists—Anne Berry of Newnan, GA, Geoffrey Ellis of San Francisco, CA, and Jeanine Michna-Bales of Dallas, TX—received the Beth Block Juried Membership Honoraria, supported by The Beth Block Foundation that includes $500 and a feature within HCP’s publication SPOT. The Annual Juried Membership Exhibition highlights the photographs of its national and international members. Now at a membership of over 1600, HCP’s members have been an integral part of its mission since 1981.
This year’s participating artists include:

Morgan Ashcom (Queens, NY), Bruce Barshop (San Antonio, TX), Amy Becker (Madison, NJ), Anne Berry (Newnan, GA), Sandy Carson (Austin, TX), Sebastien Collett (Asheville, NC), Ginger Cook (Paris, TX), Hannah Cooper McCauley (Ruston, LA), Adam Davies (Washington, DC), Amy Davison (Rochester, NY), John DuBois (Issaquah, WA), Billy Dykes (Baytown, TX), Geoffrey Ellis (San Francisco, CA), Michael Ellison (Savannah, GA), Robert Flatt (Houston, TX), George Grubb (New York, NY), Joshua Haunschild (Fort Worth, TX), Carol Hayman (Austin, TX), Christi Hellrung (Houston, TX), Carl Henry (Houston, TX), Brian Johnson (Broken Arrow, OK), Sarah Jones (San Antonio, TX), Kent Krugh (Fairfield, OH), Tracy Lynch (Boerne, TX), Sara Macel (Brooklyn, NY), Timothy McCoy (Cumming, GA), Jeanine Michna-Bales (Dallas, TX), Matt Morris (Baton Rouge, LA), Haley Morris-Cafiero (Cordova, TN), Jackson Patterson (San Francisco, CA), Beverly Peace (Winchester, VA), Christine Pearl (Washington, DC), Camilo Ramirez (Jamaica Plain, MA), Brian Christopher Sargent (Brooklyn, NY), Jae-Hee Schin (Seoul, South Korea), Samantha VanDeman (Villa Park, IL), Mitsu Toshikawa (San Francisco, CA).

Seaside Dino

©Amy Becker (Madison, NJ) Seaside Dino, 2013

Juror’s Statement

It was a genuine pleasure to look through the many portfolios submitted for the HCP Annual Juried Membership Exhibition and a tough task to whittle it down to 37 artists and 65 photographs.  Any selection of work for such a show is, by definition, a personal selection, but I have tried nonetheless to assemble an exhibition that represents the breadth of work created by HCP members who have tackled many subjects, used a wide variety of photographic media, and, of course, pursued their art with individual perspectives and aesthetic sensibilities.  Some of the threads that ran through the submissions and are evident on the gallery walls were personal or historical storytelling, nostalgia for a lost industrial past, exploration of personal memory and identity, a search for humor in our everyday experiences, and an exploration of how the camera can allow us to perceive the world in new ways.

This year’s recipients of the Beth Block Award—Anne Berry, Geoffrey Ellis, and Jeanine Michna-Bales—could not be more different from one another, but each presented a unique and compelling body of work.  I congratulate them and all of the artists included in this 32nd annual exhibition.–Malcolm Daniel, Juror, Curator in Charge, Department of Photography, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Monkey in Painted Room

©Anne Berry (Newnan, GA) Monkey in Painted Room, 2011

About the Houston Center for Photography:
HCP’s mission is to increase society’s understanding and appreciation of photography and its evolving role in contemporary culture. HCP strives to encourage artists, build audiences, stimulate dialogue, and promote inquiry about photography and related media through education, exhibitions, publications, fellowship programs


©Sandy Carson (Austin, TX) Manatee, 2012

Untitled 1

Sebastian Collett (Asheville, NC) Untitled from the series “Vanishing Point”, 2013

Ashtray and Belt

©Ginger Cook (Paris, TX) Ashtray and the Belt, 2013

The House

©Hannah Cooper McCauley (Ruston, LA) The House, 2012

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

©Adam Davies (Washington, DC) Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Big Monocacy Bridge, Dickerson, MD, 2014

Elegant Reflections 6

©Amy Davison (Rochester, NY) Elegant Reflections #6, 2013

Lost Papers

©John DuBois (Issaquah, WA) Lost Papers, 2013

Poodle Waiting Patiently

©Billy Dykes (Baytown, TX) Poodle Waiting Patiently, 2013


©Geoffrey Ellis (San Francisco, CA) Burning Bill, Las Vegas, 2013


©Michael Ellison (Savannah, GA) The Slipper, 2010

Flying Through Trees

©Robert Flatt (Houston, TX) Flying Through Trees, 2014

New York Public Library

©George Grubb (New York, NY) Visiting the New York Public Library, 2013

Glacier Selfie

©Joshua Haunschild (Fort Worth, TX) “Glacier Selfie”, Worthington Glacier, Alaska, 2013


©Carol Hayman (Austin, TX) Mowkawks, 2014

Momma Mary in Day Setting

©Christi Hellrung (Houston, TX) Momma Mary in Day Setting, 2013

Where Have You Been

©Carl Henry (Houston, TX) Where Have You Been?, 2011

Gender in The Balance

©Brian Johnson (Broken Arrow, OK) Gender in The Balance, 2000

The Witch

©Sarah Ann Jones (San Antonio, TX) The Witch, 2014

Higher Ground Cedar

©Kent Krugh (Fairfield, OH) Higher Ground Cedar, 2011


©Tracy Lynch (Boerne, TX) Grace, 2012

The Towering Figure, Huntsville, Texas

©Sara Macel (Brooklyn, NY) The Towering Figure, Huntsville, Texas, 2011

Drink the Rain

©Timothy McCoy (Cumming, GA) Drink the Rain (Asheville, NC), 2014

On The Way to the Hicklin House Station

©Jeanine Michna-Bales (Dallas, TX) On The Way to the Hicklin House Station, 2013


Anonymity Isnt for Everyone

©Haley Morris-Cafiero (Cordova, TN) Anonymity Isnt for Everyone, 2010

Cradel Monument Valley

©Jackson Patterson (San Francisco, CA) Cradle Monument Valley, 2010


©Beverly Pearce (Winchester, VA) Quinceanera, 2005


©Christine Pearl (Washington, DC) Slam, 2013


©Camilo Ramirez (Jamaica Plain, MA) Signature, 2014

from the series "Down with the Ship"

©Brian Christopher Sargent (Brooklyn, NY) Big Bright LED, 2013

Separate Peace

©Jae-Hee Schin (Seoul, Korea) Separate Peace, 2010

Floral Wallpaper

©Samantha VanDeman (Villa Park, IL) Floral Wallpaper, 2012

Dead Tree

©Mitsu Yoshikawa (San Francisco, CA) Dead Tree, 2013

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