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The 2014 Snow Exhibition Part 3

Snow falling from the trees and lit by the sun.

Lauren Grabelle, Snow Falling, Woods Bay, MT


Jurgen H. Kedesdy, Landfill Snowscape, Newbury, MA


Lisa Boughter, Untitled, Haverford, PA


John Neel, Penguin, Rochester, NY


Ellen Wallenstein, Two Chairs Sherman, CT


Pekka Nikrus, Light Snow Cover, Helsinki, Finland


Susan Keiser, Find What Will Suffice No. 17, Ossining, NY


Luca Tombolini, LS II 10, Ambria, Val Vedello, IT


Phyllis Schwartz, Snow Buggy, Chicago, IL


Lyndsay Carroll, Yellow Truck in Snow, Crittendon, Crittendon, KY


Tytia Habing, Untitled, Watson, IL


Randy Karg, Back porch, Clarinda, IA


Izumi Tanaka, Morning After Snow, Pine Mountain Club, CA


Austin Vidmar, Ice Skating, Chicago, IL


Suzanne Révy, Huskies, Stowe, VT


Nashalina Schrape, Slovenian Carnival, Podvinci, Slovenia


Christina Smith, The Perks of Getting Up Early, Hardin, MT


Vera Miljkovic, Liam in the Snow, New York, NY


Maria Alejandra Mata, Remains, Boston, MA


Bryan Regan, Moore Square, Raleigh, NC


Jon Wyatt, Ste-Foy-Tarentaise, France


Craig Becker, Journey 14, ME


Jim Baab, Stockade Fence Shadow on Snow Drift, Somerville, MA


Frank Fuerst, Snow Caps, Atlanta, GA


Marty Desilets, The Gathering, Bethlehem, PA


Gray Lyons, Cold Front, South Bend, IN


Linda Lyons, Blizzard Conditions, South Bend, IN


Laurie McCormick, Winter Trees, Yellowstone National Park

Barrow Alaska, photographed in March of 2012

Robbie McClaran, Barrow, Barrow, AK


Anne Berry, Black Olive White Snow, Newnan, GA


Kai Michael Caterer, Untitled No.45, Chicago, IL


Deidre Fennie, Married to the Sky, Pioneer Town, CA


Andrew Wajs, The Blue Line, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Angie McMonigal, Snowglobe, Chicago, IL


Josh Wertheimer, untitled, New York, NY


Kent Krugh, Winter Woods No. 11, Hamilton County, OH


Andi Schreiber, Crystalline, Scarsdale, NY


Hans Bauer, A Brief History of the Crusades, Lithuania

Snow and fog, Aksaray, Turkey

David Hagerman, white, Aksaray, Turkey


Paul Morris, Untitled, Bruges, Belgium


Lindsey Aronson, The Trek, Chicago, IL


Chris Malmberg, Untitled, York, PA


Nick Johnston, Natalie, Columbia, SC


Laura Knapp, Winter Nose, Manchester, VT


Tim Messick, First Snow of the Season, Bodie Hills, Mono County, CA


Sigrid Ehemann, Abiquiu Sun, Abiquiu, NM


Kati Mennett, Lets Get It 2014, Danvers, MA


Kristen McNevins, Dry Grass and Snow, Coventry, CT



Mark Collins, Red Coat, Dallas, TX

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