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The 2015 Who and What I Love Exhibition Part 3


Judi Iranyi, Michael, San Francisco, CA


Joey Potter, Dancing With My Baby-Girl, Decatur, GA


Sophya Vega, Oscar’s Gaze Via I-5 N, Marysville, WA


Janine Brown, Flying High II, Westport, CT


Shari Yantra Marcacci, My Man With Beard, Los Angeles, CA


Mildred Alpern, Locked in My Heart, New York, NY


Leigh Kane, Bye Bye Bernice–A Granddaughter’s & Great-Granddaughter’s Farewell, Kutztown, PA


Patrice Cochran, First Selfie, Chula Vista, CA


Schuyler, Anna, Sophie, Hazelfield, 1995 from MS


Bootsy Holler, Self Portrait w/ DD, Atlanta, GA


Siobhan Keleher, Stuart and Future Iditarod Sled Dog, AK


Natascha Dea, Todd in the Morning, Los Angeles, CA


Dean Ashby, The Winter Dress, Bangor, North Wales To Rosie, the girl who lights up my winters


Megan Elizabeth Dunbar, Logan, Lexington, SC Thank you for all you do for me, I love you


Jen Frase, her, Lafayette, CA


Daniela Mullady, Last Dance, Brooklyn, NY


Abby Robinson, Shah Rukh Khan, Jaisalmer, India


Stefanie Daugilis, New Years 2014, Toronto, ON


Andi Schreiber, Players, Boca Raton, FL


Lara Joy Brynildssen, Silver Sophie, Palatine, IL


Casey Hauser, Skin, Savannah, GA


mary hamby hall, Paisly on a rainy day, Griffin, Ga


Russ Rowland, love loving loved, New York, NY


Caroline Twohill, Hedgehog on the beach, Stone Harbor, NJ


Shiyang Han, My Father, Beijing, China


Cheryl A Townsend, The Hands That Hold Mine, Stow, OH


Stefan Neagu, Love, Onesti, Romania


Alastair Cook, Charles Jacoby Johnston Cook, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


David Lykes Keenan, My Pal Ellar, Austin, TX


Barbara Pickles, Brothers, Camarillo, CA


Robbie Kaye, Luna and Snow, Mt. Hood, OR


Esper Scout, The band, Manchester


Karin Ott, Ida, Portland, OR


Stan Banos, Together, San Francisco, CA


Francesco Taurisano, Andrea, Trivero, Italy


Phyllis Schwartz, Loving Two Super Men, Vancouver, BC


Werner Mansholt, Flamenco, Sevilla, Spain


Michael Petruzzi, Ava, Rose Valley, PA


Chrystal Lea Nause, Josh, Carbondale, IL


Laura O’Brien, Lily, Tottenham, ON, Canada


Charlotte Roberto, Shelby, Santa Fe, NM


Shelby Savage, The Lucky Ones, Columbia, SC


Jennifer Rapinchuk, Kevin at Thousand Oaks on the Fourth of July 2014, San Jose, CA


Nashalina Schrape, Klarabelle, Queens, NY


Mary Kocol, Mom at Elizabeth Park, West Hartford, CT


Isabel Socorro, Countenance of Mother & Daughter, Vancouver, CA


Mary Magill Blair, Whiskey’s Shot of Honey, Charleston, SC


Paul Morris, Steph and Katie, Congleton, England


Sigrid Ehemann, The Trip to Paris, on the Eurostar between London King’s Cross and Paris


Nathan Pearce, Journey on the tractor, Near Fairfield, IL


Dan Younger, Maureen Zegel, St. Louis, MO


Jonas Yip, San Diego, CA

Harry copy

Aline Smithson, HES, Longpond, Massachusetts

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