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The 2015 Who and What I Love Exhibition Part 2

jedrych_waniek_loved (1)


Suzanne Révy, Grape Harvest, Carlisle, MA


Leigh Webber, Day 8 : CollectMoments365, Charleston, SC


Judy Ruzylo, Waiting, Christian Island, ON


Slyvia de Swaan, Genesee Street, Utica, NY


Lucas Braga, Mulher com gato em janela, Cachoeira, Brazil

jedrych_waniek_loved (1)

Kasia Jedrych-Waniek, “Das Handbuch”, Warsaw, Poland


Paul Boocock, Rhonda on the Corner, Chattanooga TN


Lynn Karlin, Return Trip, Coast of Maine


Leslie Hall Brown, My Family, The Cat & Fiddle Pub, Los Angeles, CA


Jessica Bowser, Untitled, Ft Collins, CO


Karen Carson, Jack, Arroyo Grande, CA


Andrew Sanderson, Debbie George, Holmfirth, UK

Eva and Daniele, my family

Elisabetta Cociani, My family, Milan, Italy


​​Austin Vidmar, ​Smile, Plano, IL


Erin Carey, Old Bones, Manchester, NH


Michael Todd, George, Union City, NJ


Melissa Nuñez, Mario. Barcelona, Spain


Liza Macrae, Sunday Morning Title, Bellport, NY


Larry Colby, Two of My Girls, Boynton Beach, FL


Nora Vrublevska, Atis & Sare, Aumeisteri, Latvia


db waltrip, Saturday Morning, Innerarity Point, FL


GE McKerrihan, Ravi with Gourd, Santa Fe, NM


Rebecca Stumpf, Red Campers, Boulder, CO


Josiane Keller, my friend (from the album “It’s lovely out here”), America


Kathleen B Donovan, Father’s Hug, Waunakee, WI


Macaulay Lerman, Contents, 9 Marshall St., Old Greenwich, CT


Chandler Sowden, My mother and her other child, Fort Wayne, IN


Vicki Hunt, Dad’s Rollei, Birmingham, AL


Edward (Ted) Carter, Debbie, Moss Glenn Falls, VT


Meredith Abenaim, I Love You, Too, Boston, MA


Sally Ann Field, Driving Miss Sally, Los Angeles, CA


Wioletta Gołębiewska, Mum, Warsaw, Poland


Toby Oggenfuss, NEON LOVE, Los Angeles, CA


Sonja Quintero, Skater Dude, Dallas, TX


Niniane Kelley, Drifting, Miles From Shore, Clear Lake, Lake County


Louie Despres, Edgar with his head out the window in the rain, Worcester, MA


Scott Keidong, Love Is…, Ewing, NJ and Schoharie, NY


Taylor Mickle, Mom & Brother, New York City, NY


Quenby Sheree, Heart, Maitland, FL


Randy Karg, I do love my wife more but…, Clarinda, IA


Elizabeth Ireland, Dreaming in these hues, Winthrop, MA


Rose Frisenda, Peaches & Mangos, New York, NY


Ashley Kauschinger, Untitled, Atlanta, GA


Patrizia Fusi, Bosco del Sasseto, Torre Alfina, Italy


Barbara Groom, Our Bond, Death Valley, CA


Rocio De Alba, Morning Shower, Queens, NY


Madison Nunes, If I Had to Beg for Your LUV, New York , NY


Polina Ross, My Lovely City, San Francisco, CA

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