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The 2016 Valentine’s Exhibition Part 2

plush bears w valentine feet and pillow hearts

©Harvey Hanig, nothing says loving like a plush bear with valentine feet, North Aurora, IL


©Rebecca Lessner, Rosie Pup Headlock, York, Pennsylvania “Happy Valentines Day to the pup who can nuzzle her way into anyone’s lap, whether they like it or not.”


©Russ Rowland, Tanya, New York, NY


©Edyta Pękala, Kiss, Olsztyn, Poland


©Julia Kozerski, Day of the Dad, Brookfield, WI In bed lay a classmate, co-worker, boyfriend, fiance, husband and, later that day, a father. You are the love of our lives.


@Jocelyn Philibert, Crabapple Tree, Montreal, Qc Ca For Lawrence with love.


© Daria Svertilova, Cupid and Psyche, Paris, France


©Mary Koval, Love is in the Air, Argon, GA


©Deb Stoner, “My Heart’s Not On My Sleeve: It’s Right There In The Middle Of This Picture That I Lovingly Handcrafted Just The Other Day, Upside Down And Next To The Fragile Looking Dandelion That Is Actually Quite A Bit Less Delicate Than You Probably Imagine”, Portland, Oregon


©Andrea Waxler, Smore Stupor, Bretton Woods, NH


©Khoa Duong, Her, Hoi An, Viet Nam

Copyright 2016 © Jordan Flynn - Emilia, December 2015

©Jordan Flynn, Emilia, New York, NY

My Kid Lillian Gish

© Kimberly Cisneros, My Kid Lillian Gish, Photographed in the woods of our home

Scan 16 small

©Nina Berry, Flan & Amber, Blood Lake, Park City, UT

©Isabella Sommati, EMBRACE, Milan, Italy,

© Isabella Sommati, Embrace, Milano, Italy


©Jena Pirozzolo, Butterflies, Lakewood Ranch, FL


©Kristina Syrchikova, Embrace, Samara, Russia

ThomasZamolo, If i could be you

©Thomas Zamolo, If i could be you, Stockholm, Sweden


©Mark Havens, Scout, Sugarloaf Key, FL

Imagining the Power

©Kathleen B. Donovan, Imagining the Power, Waunakee, WI

In the Shower

© Susan Rosenberg Jones, In the Shower, New York, NY

Yellow Roses 1000

© Melissa Eder, Fake Yellow Roses, Barcelona, Dear World, We need to all luv each other!

From your Music Studio WIndow

©Gina Costa, From your Music Studio Window, Austin, TX


©António Castilho, Couple, Linda-a-Velha, Portugal


©Crystelle Colucci, Sunday Mornings, New York, NY

Felicia Simion

@Felicia Simion, Stuck in the middle with you, Parga, Greece

People having a rest in Yebisu Garden, Tokyo, 2012

©Wojciech Tomanik, Quiet Time in Yebisu, Tokyo, JP


©Kevin Orellanes, We, Lago Puelo, Argentina

Spawn (1 of 1)

© Andrew Faulk, Spawn, Tokyo, Japan


©Jake Hines, Jordan and Kaylee, Laguna Beach, CA

Til Death Do Us Part

© Denise Grays, Til Death Do Us Part, Wichita, KS

ValentineExhibition MDwyer

© Meagan Dwyer, Seek and Ye Shall Find Love Everywhere, Eastchester, New York, To my children, may you find love and may love find you all the days of your life.

10 PM Lovers

©Deianira Urovi, 10 PM Lovers, London, UK


©Shari Yantra Marcacci, Engaged in harmony. I said yes…, Los Angeles, CA

Michael_Bach_Ruth and I

©Michael Bach, Ruth and I, sitting in the tub,Troy, New York


©Erica Kelly Martin, Wild For You, Los Angeles, CA

Lenscratch Valentine

©Leslie Hall Brown, My Green Heart, Ash Grove, MO


©Val Patterson, Snow Glass Apples, Twin Peaks, CA

Barnett I'm With Cupid 1

©Susan Barnett, I’m With Cupid, New York, NY Roses are Red, The Trees are Green We All Love Aline, She Sure is Keen


©Yoav Friedländer, Sleeping Beauty, Motel, Dana Stirling (my love) asleep in a motel room after a long photo adventure day. Happy Valentine’s day my love!


©Danielle L Goldstein, I Love New York, New York, NY


©Katia Morichetti, The Kiss, Rimini, ITALY


©GE McKerrihan, Valentine Dream, Santa Fe, NM


©Serge Soucy, Waiting, Boston, MA


©Rebecca Moseman, Alex with Milo, Purcellville, Virginia

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